How will the rapid advancements in biotechnology field effect the future of design?

The tissue culturing technologies are already prepared to grow flesh, skin and bone for medical purposes. As the costs of biotechnology drops, we will have new forms of consumer products developed in the biotech factories. 

Project TITA is a case study to understand this new product manufacturing technique, and make it understandable to the public. Even though it may look controversial at first sight, the ethical aspects of the project is relatively acceptable. 

It’s been 6 years since the scientist from the University of Melbourne managed to grow human breast in lab conditions, potentially to implant to cancer patients who have lost their breast. (

Project TITA takes this advancement one step further, and represents the TITA Milk Containers.

Mock-up materials: Silicone balls made in China, milk

Refrigerate after opening

Straight to the table, as a creamer

Simply squeeze, to get the milk out

Perfect for babies on the go

100% Biodegradable

Tita Milk Bottle - 16 Oz.