was part of the Exhibition

"Strategies for Public Occupation" 




Full specs:

- A multi-use tool designed for individual protestors. 

- For use as a placard, pop-up presentation board, and quick shelter. 

- The self-contained tent structure provides protection for short rests in mild weather conditions. 

- For protection from a sudden rain, lunch break from under the noon sun, or perhaps a siesta. 

- The flat, slightly elevated, surface provides protection from a cold, dirty or wet ground/sidewalk. 

- Ideal for asphalt and concrete surfaces, as no anchoring is required. 

- The 2 minutes assembly and 1 minute disassembly times are convenient for no-permit conditions. 

- Made out of masonite, wood sticks and Tyvek; total weight is less than 5 Lbs. 

- A working prototype tested successfully for winds of 15 mph. 

- Costs less than $20.